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BIG WRECK is a hard-rock band based out of Boston. They released their first album "In loving memory of..." in late 1997 and have since become well-known throughout North America. The band consists of:

Ian Thornley-Lead vocals, lead guitar

Forrest Williams-Drums

Brian Dohtery-Guitar

Dave Henning-Bass

The band met at Berklee music college and became a well-known act in local bars. After learning some intense theory on chord-structures and such, the band created songs with odd guitar tunings in order to produce flavorful chords in their songs. This is the key to Big Wreck's unique tone.

They are currently working in Toronto but tour all of North America. Their first album "In loving memory of..." is a hard-rocking 13-song masterpiece which earned them to be compared with Soundgarden, Big Sugar and Radiohead (speaking of which they are all fans of). The singles off "In loving memory of..." include "The oaf" and "That song", and they are both played in medium and heavy rotation here in Canada.