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Updated 10/5/00

Ok, Ok. This site has been a bit lagging, but I have an excuse, Ive gone through 3 moves in the last month! ok enough about me, I know that news of the band and the 2nd album has been scarce and just when we are are feeling like our luck might be wasted, things may take a turn for the better. The offical site has been totally redone and looks great. It features the usual stuff, plus a feature called "Big Wreck TV" where the site has promised to give fans an up-close and personal look on big wreck, with possible live web-casts of the band in the studio. The site also states that the album is on its way, the band HAS NOT broken up, and It sounds like it should be out this year. you can check it out HERE.

Updated 10/12/99

Some bad news on the video collection that should have been completed long ago, It appears that Much Music won't let me post anything of their material on this site, so no live stuff will be available. I will make Mp3's of things here and there that I can get away with, and I dont really see a point in putting up the music videos. If you have any comments, please email me

Updated 7/14/99

I have been very sloooooww updating this site, maily because i'm too damn busy. But anyways, Big Wreck played a great show at this year's EDGEFEST in molson park, not their best, but still great. I took a few shots which are in the process of scanning, and i recorded the set, although it is a little distorted with croud noise. I met the guys and got all their autographs and stuff, and it was cool. They aid that the new album won't be out for awhile, and they are going back into the studio in august to start collaborating the material which has been adding up over the past 9 months. Some definate song titles are "Motionless", "Comforting", and "All our days are numbered". Those of you who want a Big Wreck B-side but dont want to spend alot just to hear it on a single can now pick up the EDGEFEST 1999 soundtrack cd, which features "Ill advice". I am in the process of making a little video collection of Big Wreck, consisting of television appearances and concerts and interviews, mainly from Much music, as well as the videos. It might take a little while...

Updated 4/26/99

Big Wreck picked up the award for OUTSTANDING ROCK GROUP at the Boston Kahlua music awards of 1999. Currently partying in Boston, the foursome are awaiting this year's Edgefest , which begins on Canada day, July 1st in Barrie, Ont. If you haven't got your tickets, get em now, cause their going extremely fast. Other performers at E.F. 99 include: Matthew Good Band, Silverchair, Moist, Hole, Edwin, and Treble charger. Oh yeah, by the way, for those of you awaiting news on the next album, Mr. Josh Terry has just informed me that the album is going to be completed starting this week in Toronto, and will be out by the summer (This was apparently the word from Ian and Forrest). They are starting to play more and more new stuff at their shows, so pay attention next time you see em, instead of doing all that damn body surfin, ya punks!

Updated 4/6/99

Congradulations are in order for Big Wreck as they have recently been entered into the Kahlua Boston music awards. The categories Big Wreck are nominated for include: "Rising star", "Best rock group", "Best debut album" (In loving memory of..), and "Single of the year" (The Oaf). Ian received nominations for "Outstanding intrumentalist" and "Best songwriter" (That song). Although Big Wreck are now in the works of starting recording on the follow-up to their 1997 debut, the have found the time to throw some tour dates in, check out the tour section for updates.

Updated 2/11/99

Ah yes, finally an update. Well since Big Wreck are apparently touring again, I will get those tour dates back up . Also, if you havn't noticed, I kinda did some spring cleaning and re-created the cover page. Let me know what you think I also have adds up on my page. Check out the virtual casino at the bottom of the page, its kinda neat (Plus I get 20 cents everytime some one clicks it). And don't forget to check out those C.D. stores for cds, singles, and T-shirts. I've got the Big Wreck shirt and It's awsome!

Updated 1/16/99

Wow! what a busy month its been! This is my first update for 1999. I have updated the site a little with a few more pics. I can't find any of Forrest at all so if you have any please mail them so I can get them up. I have also received several e-mails indicating that the tabs for "Blown wide open" are a little off, new tablature for that will be up soon, also a few requests for "How would you know" tabs. I now have them on my site. I now only need "Overemphisizing", "Between you and I", and "Waste" to finish the collection. If anyone can tab these out or runs across them please let me know.

Updated 22/11/98

The Watchmen/Big Wreck and Mayfield four tour came to a close this week. The tour was a huge success. I was lucky enough to catch the 3rd last show in Toronto on Wednesday. I must say all 3 of the bands put on a great show. Big Wreck played a new song called "Comforting" which quite possibly will appear on the next album. Ian and Brian just went nuts up there on that one. I talked to Forrest after the show a bit for the first time, mainly about drums and stuff, he the a really cool guy. Big Wreck and the watchmen were on Muchmusic prior to the show and said that they were looking forward to having a tour like this for quite some time. It seems a follow-up tour is inevitable.Oh by the way, Muchmusic is lauching "Big shiny tunes 3" on December 1st which features a tune from Big Wreck.

Ear-1 is featuring a live concert of Big Wreck in real audio/ video. It is definatley worth checking out. The single for "Under the lighthouse" should be on its way soon, so start requesting it! No news yet on the video if there is one. Big Wreck are busy touring with Canadian band "The watchmen", check the Tour section for dates.

If you havn't heard yet, Big Wreck are up for best video at the M.M.V.A. They will also be performing at the show, September 24h, the day after the B.W. spotlight. Other performers at the M.M.V.A include: Bare naked ladies, The philosopher kings, Smashing Pumpkins, Razcalz and the circle, and love inc.

No news on Big Wreck much, but it's good to see that the bands latest single and video are both receiving great airtime on Much Music and local radio stations. It seems people are starting to wake up to the fact that Big Wreck are an amazing band and great bunch of musicians. The band who Big Wreck opened for a few times back in the ol' days, BIG SUGAR have just released a new album today. It's called "Heated" and it contains the first single "The scene". The video is pretty cool too. I recommend checking it out, Big Sugar are along the same lines as B.W.

The video for "Blown Wide open" premired on Much music tuesday, July 27th. Ian talked a little about the video and touring with the band. The video is basically just like the others, with the guys playing in wife beaters and V-necks, but this time Ian does some acting (basically he climes up the stairs, and falls, and climes back up higher, and strangely jumps). I need to make an AVI of the video and wavs of the interview, so keep in touch for that.

If you haven't heard yet, Big Wreck have released the third and probably last single, Blown wide open. It is being played all over the radie here in Canada, and the video should be out soon.

The boys in Big Wreck are playing a festival in Ottawa on Canada day (June 1st) with such acts as The philosopher kings and The tea party. I'm told the event is open to Molsen Canadian rocks winners only so forget about getting tickets. however, there is a good chance that the show will be broad casted on MUCHMUSIC so keep watching for that.

Big wreck have released their second single off "In loving memory of" and have also made a video for it. The tune is "that song" (big suprise) and the video rather sucks. The official site has been updated as well with pics of the band.

Big Wreck are almost at the second leg of their "In loving memory" tour and have achieved huge success in The United States, and here in Canada. It's said that the boys have started working on new material on the road, which will give the album a more plugged in feel. In a recent interview, Dave said that the next album will be more melodic than the previous, and with songs like "Overemphasing" that's saying alot! so check back here for the details...